Sportz-Vibe ZX Wireless Massage Therapy Rug for Horses

$1,089.00 NZD $999.00 NZD

New shipment has arrived!! Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy for Horses NOW IN A WIRELESS Version!! Following the success of Sportz-Vibe, a gentle, non-invasive massage rug, Sportz-Vibe ZX was created to meet market demand for a completely wirelessly controlled massage rug.   Features Super breathable polyester net outer to prevent overheating with detachable...

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Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Rug For Horses

$859.00 NZD $785.00 NZD

New Shipment has arrived!! Sportz-Vibe by Horseware Ireland is an easy to use effective massage therapy rug that is comfortable, lightweight, and extremely portable.  All sizes in stock now. Reduces Pain and Stiffness Relaxes Muscles Improves Blood and Oxygen Supply to Tissue Reduces Inflammation Popular addition - Sportz-Vibe 2 Panel Packs include...

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Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Rug for Dogs

$239.00 NZD

Sportz-Vibe is a lightweight portable massage blanket designed to help boost circulation in dogs. It can be used for high performance dogs as a warm up or recovery blanket to help ease soreness and stiffness after long work-outs or can be used on dogs of all ages that are suffering from...

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