Sportz-Vibe ZX Wireless Massage Therapy Rug for Horses

$1,089.00 NZD $1,059.00 NZD

Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy for Horses NOW IN A WIRELESS Version!! Following the success of Sportz-Vibe, a gentle, non-invasive massage rug, Sportz-Vibe ZX was created to meet market demand for a completely wirelessly controlled massage rug.   Features Super breathable polyester net outer to prevent overheating with detachable hood. Adjustable multi sizing...

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Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Rug for Dogs

$239.00 NZD

Sportz-Vibe is a lightweight portable massage blanket designed to help boost circulation in dogs. It can be used for high performance dogs as a warm up or recovery blanket to help ease soreness and stiffness after long work-outs or can be used on dogs of all ages that are suffering from...

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